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ケイレブ(左)&ソフィー(右)  ニュージーランド・クライストチャーチ出身。仙台市内で国際交流の仕事をしている。 遠く離れた故郷を思い、支援金を募る活動を始めた。 (※ソフィーは2011.9に帰国。ケイレブは2013.8から東京へ。)
ケイレブ(左)&ソフィー(右) ニュージーランド・クライストチャーチ出身。仙台市内で国際交流の仕事をしている。 遠く離れた故郷を思い、支援金を募る活動を始めた。 (※ソフィーは2011.9に帰国。ケイレブは2013.8から東京へ。)







The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal in SENDAI was started to help support those who were affected by the Christchurch Earthquake. We would like to say a special thank you to the New Zealand Society of Sendai and the amazing volunteers for giving their time to help those in need.

All donations will be sent to Christchurch to aid those affected by the disaster.


Cooperation: New Zealand Society of SendaiSendai International Relations Association 


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Kaleb (left) and Sophie (right) work as Coordinators of International Relations in Sendai City, Japan. Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, they have begun efforts to collect donations for their hometown. (Note: Sophie returned home to New Zealand in September, 2011. She is keeping us updated on the situation of things from Christchurch. Kaleb also left Sendai in August, 2013 to work in Tokyo. He continues to support our activities from there).





皆様からの募金の流れ / Donations


  CEA in SENDAIでは、仙台市内を中心に募金活動をしています。


 >> 活動レポートは随時ブログに掲載しています





 震災でより大きな困難を抱えるのは子どもたち。CEA in SENDAIは、集めた資金をCholmondeleyに届け,子どもたちの支援に役立ててもらうことにしました。


 >> CholmondeleyのHP (英語)




 >> 2012年2月に1回目の募金を届けました!(ブログ報告)


  CEA in SENDAI is currently collecting donations in the city of Sendai.

>> 活動レポートは随時ブログに掲載しています

We will periodically update our blog with reports on our activities.


  Donations will go to Cholmondeley Home, a residential care facility for children in Christchurch.

Cholmondeley has been supporting children since 1925, providing both short term and long term care for children who, for various reasons, are unabe to live with their families. However Cholmondeley's facilities were severely damaged in the 2/22 earthquake.

Among those whose lives were greatly upset by the earthquake, many were children. CEA in Sendai will send all donations to Cholmondeley Home to help in their efforts to support children.

>> CholmondeleyのHP (英語)


  Donations will be used by Cholmondeley to help the children of Christchurch.

>> 2012年2月に1回目の募金を届けました!(ブログ報告)